Benjie wants to be us. @jonxduece & @cheltonmiyazono. #GETDAT #whereyoustay #Benjielikescrapeverybody (Taken with Instagram)

Title: Girls & Guitars Artist: Tyga Ft. Kirko Bangz 20,847 plays


Ain’t here to stress you out, I’m here to stretch it out.

Guess who got himself an early birthday gift, I did. Finally being able to join the train. More bills to pay now (Taken with Instagram)

This song is on point right now. Makes me wanna sing kareoke. (Taken with instagram)

Movie date night. Watched battleship for the second time. #date #night #me #her #battleship #dinner #alone #time (Taken with instagram)

#me  #her  #battleship  #time  #alone  #dinner  #night  #date  

People change for two reasons. They learn from their mistakes or got hurt too many times. Real talk! (Taken with instagram)

- drake (Taken with instagram)

@jensarian this girl right here have always been there for me. Even tho we may had out worst, we still had the courage to make things better. She would know when I’m at my worst and she knew me the best. I hate that things had to come this way but I just hope things are good with her now. We had our moments and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed her company thru the months that past and she knows me very well. I’m glad I met her but things just turned out going the opposite direction. I wish things would change and we both would realize what could be good. (Taken with instagram)

I’m faded. Living life to the fullest. Fuck dramas Fuck love, all I need is good company. Love can wait. I’m faded lol (Taken with instagram)

Work hard! Play hard! Time to party. Jkjk gotta pay bills lol. Gotta save up so I can throw one birthday party. #money #payday #lowballin (Taken with instagram)